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Dual digital voltage meter D85-2020
The digital voltage meter head has characteristic of fast response, high accuracy, clear display, easy reading and strong stability. With well-designed circuit, it has anti-jamming ability, and can effectively suppress high frequency interference. 

It is sophisticated, with beautiful appearance and long service life.
Installation is extremely easy.

It can be widely used in various instruments or meters as display unit, such as teaching equipment, power electronics, automatic control equipment, medical equipment, welding machine, AC and DC power supply, etc.

Technical Parameters:
1、Model: D85-2020
2、Measuring range:Two input AC 80~300V
3、Working Power: Does not require power
4、Font height :18mm
5、Accuracy :±0.5%
6、Display: LCD
7、Shell color:Black
8、Outline Dimensions : 70 mm × 40 mm ×22 mm
9、Hatch Size:68 mm × 38 mm

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