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Control and protective switching devices JGKB-45


 JGKB-45 Control and Protective Switching Device, referred to CPS ", is the new low-voltage electrical products.

The first generation control and protection switch electrical products relatively large size, to protect the most primitive bimetal technology; second-generation product despite the protective switch control to solve the problem of bulky, but not much protection technology breakthrough, or continue to use the first generation technologies; until the mid-1990s, it appeared to protect the microelectronic technology for the control of the third generation of products. The company developed GLKB0 control switch is to protect this technology, and on this basis by applying the latest microelectronic technology, the main circuit double-break technology, control and protection switching equipment to achieve high reliability, high breaking, high precision and high intelligence.


JGKB-45 Control and Protective Switching Devices(hereinafter referred to as GLKB0), mainly used in AC 50Hz (60Hz), rated working voltage up to 690V, rated current from 12A to the main body 125A, intelligent controller adjustable current from 0.16A to 125A, the motor control power from 0.05KW to 50KW of power system connected to, carrying and breaking under normal conditions (including the provision of overload conditions) of current or voltage, but also the ability to access, carry a certain time and breaking the provisions of the abnormal conditions (such as short circuit , voltage, etc.) current or voltage.


IEC60947-6-2 low-voltage switchgear and control equipment  Part 6 Multi-function Section 2  Control and Protective Switching Devices

GB14048.9  Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment Multi-function  Part 2:
Control and Protective Switching Devices


JGKB-45 Control and Protective Switching Devices With: intelligent, functional integration, modular, small size, high level of environmental protection, high breaking capacity, arc small, power, long life, high performance and reliability of continuous operation, installation and maintenance easy to operate, etc. number of advantages.

Widely used:

○ metallurgy, coal, steel, petrochemicals, ports, ships, railways and other areas of motor control and protection system.

○ modern building lighting, power conversion, pumps, fans, air conditioning, fire and other electrical control and protection systems.

○ motor control center (MCC), especially the intelligent electronic control system or require a high breaking capacity of the MCC (or as required Icu Ics of To 50kA or 80kA ower distribution control and protection system).

○ factory or plant stand-alone control and protection (equivalent to power terminal).

Outline installation size:

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