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Auto Over-voltage under-voltage protection JGGQ-80
JGGQ-80 Series since the double over-voltage under-voltage protection device is the company based on the current status of development of a new generation of electricity appliance protection. Control circuit assembly of imported components used, the product with a modular standards, excellent performance and reliability. Able to work under abnormal voltage conditions. When the mains voltage exceeds the action voltage protector, the protector can be quickly and reliably cut off the circuit to achieve the protection of electrical and personal safety. When the mains voltage is restored, the protection can be automatically connected to the power, restore power, all the automatic implementation of all functions, no personnel to operate. Two-color LED on the front panel can indicate the protection status of work. Normal power supply light was green hair, red hair cut off power supply when the protection function is activated.
This series of products are compact, beautiful appearance, standard rail mounting.

Main technical index

1.Rated AC voltage and frequency:AC220  50/60Hz
2.Passing Max Current:20A,32A,40A,50A,60A
3.Max Loading power :4.4KVA,6.6KVA,8.8KVA,11KVA,13.2KVA(Purely resistive circuit)
4.Over-voltage action cut-off value: 260~275V AC
5.Over-voltage Restore: 255±5V AC
6.Under-voltage action cut-off value: 170±5V AC
7.Under-voltage recovery: 175±5V AC
8. Electricity transmitting delay after cut-off:40±10seconds
9.action delay time: 1 ~ 6 seconds
10.Self power consumption : ≤2W
11.Electric machinery life: ≥100000 times
12.Dimension: 83×45×65mm(length×width×heigth)

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