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Intelligent Circuit Breaker

 GLS-63 Intelligent Circuit Breaker is the newest smart protector of house hold electrical appliances which is developed by studying the present Wenzhou city’s power situation. It works under AC 50Hz, rated current from 6A TO 63A, rated insulation voltage 600V,and rated working voltage 220V.It is used to protect over voltage ,under voltage, overload, shot circuit, electric shock and the appliances leakage. It is also used to keep the fire from the damaged appliances isolation material.
  The protector is widely used in public places such as office, supermarket, school, hotel ETC.. It also used in industry and mining workshop or warehouse, national anti-fire unit, intelligent district, office of telecommunication , national defense, heritage protection and so on. And protecting TT,IT, TN-S, TN-C-S ETC. system from fire
GB10963.1 Electrical accessories-Circuit-breakers for obercurrent protection for household and similar installation-Part 1:circuit-breakers for a.c. operation  IDT  IEC60898-1

GB16917.1 Household and similar uses over-current protection, residual current operated circuit-breakers (RCBO) Part 1: General rules IDT  IEC61009-1

GLS-63 devise has the function of protecting over voltage, under voltage, overload, shot circuit, leakage; Anti-thunder, anti-fire, long-distance communication, current showing, fault showing, and adjusting overload current, over voltage, under voltage, leakage. It can also be used as special switch of precharged electric meter for when running it can show the situation of voltage,current in the distribution line.It is the best comprehensive protector which can replace small breaker, leakage protector, leakage breaker, over-under voltage protector and fuser.
2、 Intelligent And Communicable
The devise use intelligent products assembled by high-speed microprocessor which has communication interface to connect with fieldbus directly. It can accurate set,test and monitor  circuit by computer
The protection is more accurate and speed for using high-speed microprocessor. The electronic circuit using Constant current regulator to guarantee the products working under low voltage, little current and low power consumption. It can work under 160v-290v
It can link to the smoke sense and anti-fire central control signal(AC/DC 24V power signal)
5、 Fault Indication
This series products can indicate overload, short circuit, over voltage, under voltage, leakage fault.
  The products is small, compact, advanced and reasonable, high speed break. It uses international standard guide Guide .

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