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   Wenzhou Jiangguang Electric Technology Co., Ltd. is a company which focuses on the research, development, production and service of intelligent electronic appliances. Standardization, modularization and intelligence are the development direction of the company's product design. The product has more advantages, the protection work can be more perfect, the real-time control is more accurate, Stable, professional level, with many years of production experience and mature technology, has been the industry leader in technology.

   Jiangguang electric, guided by the core values of "refined products and high quality services", guided by the spirit of "learning, innovation, responsibility and integrity", guided by the spirit of "active, rapid response, rigorous and conscientious and improving", continuous innovation, continuous progress, and aspiration for China Power system, railway system, coal system and petroleum system provide safe and reliable power supply system, and create "Jiangguang electric" brand.

   Main products: self duplex undervoltage protector, three-phase self duplex overvoltage protector, surge protector, double power automatic switch, backup protection switch, solid state relay, voltmeter, ammeter, control and protection switch
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